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90 Day Marketing Plan


A suite of tools, checklists, reporting and measurement systems designed to help you to get a grip of your marketing once and for all.  Together with a template marketing plan document, the 90 Day Marketing Plan can be bundled with the Marketing Coaching Programme to give you a really powerful set of tools and knowledge to apply to your marketing problems.  All it needs is you.


90 Day Marketing Plan

Your Marketing Skills

90 Minute Marketing Plan

How to put together your first marketing plan in just 90 minutes!

Better Adverts Workshop

How to build an advert that attracts customers.  The one day workshop with the Approved, Measured Advert Guarantee!

Marketing Coaching Programme

Learn, develop and apply new marketing skills.  Gain confidence, make progress, get results!

90 Day Marketing Plan

Put yourself in complete control of your marketing in just 90 days!


Lead Generation Course

How to find new sales leads for your business!